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Introducing the World's First Mobile Starting System

True Launch Racing Mobile Starting System

Each True Launch sensor is equipped with both emitter and receiver technology, eliminating the need for separate parts. The sensor utilizes infrared technology for a strong, trustworthy signal.

In Car Digital Tree System

3 separate lights show you: 1) a power connection to your vehicle, 2) a lateral connection to the next car, and 3) a start indicator. The lights are accompanied by an audio indicator as well.

The True Launch Digital Tree can be placed anywhere in car for drivers ergonomics and access.

True Launch Mobile Starting System Features

  • Easy Installation on Any Car

    Easy installation suction mounts allow sensors to be placed anywhere on the vehicle and aligned as necessary by the drivers

  • No Assembly Required

    Each kit comes with all components pre-assembled and ready to go out of the box for a plug and play racing experience

  • Simple 12V Power

    USB powered with cables connecting to 12 V auto or external battery pack/power source

  • Mounting Hardware and Cables Included

    Each kit contains all necessary connection cables and suction mounts. Kit uses standard cables that are easy to replace if necessary

  • Increased Safety for Racing Enthusiasts

    Allows racer to focus on track instead of opponent. The electronics do the work instead of the driver

  • Safe for the Track

    Eliminates the need for an on track flagger or signal starter and reduces driver distraction, making the track a safer place for everyone

True launch uses patented technology to provide the worlds first ever mobile starting system.

With the growing popularity of roll racing and no prep events, the need for more precise and safer signaling, is at an all time high! Too many roll events rely on a flagger or horn honking, or dare I say...yelling out the window...? That’s no way to start a race. With true Launch the guess work has been removed. Pull up next to your opponent, go on green, collect your trophy.

True Launch is also ideal for "no prep" or "dig" racing as well. It replaces the "flagger", removing him/her from the danger of standing on the track, as well as removing The potential for human error. No blindside right or left-handed flashlight holding. No A-pillars or hood scoops in the way, as the lights are directly in the drivers field of vision. No video review for "jumping ". If the driver leaves early, the lights stay red.

No matter the style of racing, true launch is designed to achieve the fairest conditions for the fairest start

True Launch Mobile Starting System - 2 Car Kit

True Launch Mobile Starting System - 2 Car Kit comes with all necessary components to outfit 2 cars! 

  • 2 x True Launch Exterior Mobile Start Sensor & Mount
  • 2 x True Launch Interior Mobile Tree Display & Mount
  • 2 x 12V Power Adapter
  • 2 x All required power and connection cables


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How many cars can be outfit with 1 True Launch Mobile Starting Kit? How many Kits do I need to race?

1 True Launch Mobile Starting Kit comes with all necessary components to fit 1 car with our patented Mobile Starting System.

2 True Launch Mobile Starting Kits are need to outfit 2 cars which allows a racer to truly utilize and enjoy the True Launch system with a companion car.

We offer a 2 Kit bundle for a discounted price!

The unit is plugged in but nothing is happening. Why am I not getting power?

Once all connections have been made to the power source, press red button to start power.

What happens if someone "jumps" the light?

If the connection is broken anytime before the green light, this sequence will stop. 

How long is the yellow light?

The yellow light is randomized between 2.5-3 seconds, making it harder to guess!

Are parts sold separately? Where can I find replacement cables?

No parts sold separately, however, power and connection cables are standard cables and replacements are widely available in retail stores.

How do I install the True Launch Mobile Starting System?

Installation is simple and easy! Instructions here:

What is your return/refund policy?

Learn more about our return and return information here:


This product is designed and intended for professional racetrack use ONLY!


It is NOT for street use. It is both illegal and very dangerous. Serious injury or death could occur.


PLEASE use responsibly and BE SAFE!!!